Join Our Board of Directors!

We are currently accepting applications for our Board of Directors. This is an exciting opportunity to directly impact the work of the Tenants Union, and the fight for tenant rights in Washington state. Below, you can find more information on board membership, and a link to our live application!

Why Join The Board?

Use Your Abilities
Tenants Union Board Members are active participants in the TU’s work. The contributions of your personal skills, lived experiences, passions and ideas are essential to building the movement.

Advocate for Housing Justice
Tenants Union Board Members directly influence and help shape local and state policy change and demonstrate support for legislation that creates concrete improvements for tenants and their living conditions. Board Members have a unique opportunity to be the faces of the organization during public events and media coverage of our renter movement!

Learn about Tenant Rights
At the core of being a TU Board Member is being a tenant advocate. From its inception, the TU has served as a space for folks to better understand their rights. Grow your knowledge while you support and help renters in the community.

Grow Your Skills
The TU Board helps set the organization’s strategic direction. Board Membership provides a unique opportunity to learn through planning, discussions, decision-making, and participating in various

Build Community
Tenant issues are community issues. And being a Board Member at the TU provides the tools necessary to organize your own community, cultivate new relationships, and work with local and statewide networks.

What’s involved in Tenants Union Board Membership

Active Participation in Governance

  • Board meetings – Board members meet once a month, with Zoom video-conferencing available.
  • Board Retreat – Usually a Saturday full-day retreat in the beginning of the calendar year
  • Committee work – Committing to be a part of one of the following committees: Personnel and Finance, Resource Development, and Policy/Advocacy.
  • Communications – Reading and when necessary responding to communications with fellow TU Board and staff
  • Ongoing Education – Attend trainings and webinars on topics related to nonprofit organizations, board governance and management, and other related content.

Engagement and Advocacy

  • Support the mission of the Tenants Union and work to stay informed about its housing policy in WA state, renters’ rights, challenges and current operations.
  • Actively engage in TU’s outreach efforts to expand awareness of the Tenants Union and its mission among friends, colleagues and the general public.
  • Attend advocacy events such as, but not limited to: Lobby Day in Olympia for legislative bills related to housing justice, renters’ workshops in the community, local council meetings, municipal campaigns, protests and/or acts of tenant solidarity.

Financial and Fundraising Support

  • Make a personal donation – There are no dues for Board Membership, but we encourage board members to make a gift that is meaningful to you.
  • Member Recruitment – Board Members commit to bringing in members of the Tenants Union to engage their own personal community.
  • Support fundraising events – Attend events that benefit the TU. Procure items and support planning prior to events. Invite networks and engage with members and tenants during events.

Building a Strong Team

  • Leadership developmeent – The Tenants Union will work to be considerate of the time and energy of Board Members and be responsive and receptive to the input, ideas, questions, and concerns of all Board Members. The Tenants Union is committed to providing each Board Member with substantial onboarding and training to assist them in becoming an effective Board Member.
  • Diversity – The Tenants Union values people with lived experiences of housing instability or homelessness and invite them to apply. People of color, women, immigrants and refugees, LGBTQI individuals, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. The Tenants Union of Washington State is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer committed to workplace diversity.