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Donate Now Through Network for Good Washington State tenants have won important legal protections, but these rights don't go far enough. Members help build the movement to protect and expand tenants rights and make the promise of safe, healthy, affordable housing a reality.


Tenant Union Members Speak

“The TU is a powerful political voice for renters.”
City Councilmember Nick Licata

“I just think what you’re doing is so valuable. I don’t know what I would have done [if the illegal eviction hadn’t been stopped]. It’s not like people can just walk away from needing shelter. I’ve had so many lucky things happen…and the first lucky thing was that I went to the Tenants Union for help.”
– Mary Czerniski, Tenants Union Member

“We were guppies, but with the Tenants Union we became whales.”
– Peggy Pearson, Tenants Union Member

“We want to make statewide the protections that renters inside the City of Seattle have already won. Simple protections like just cause eviction. The only way to power is through members. It’s fun to be at the Tenants Union every [week]. It’s a happening place with fun volunteer activities.”
– Jim True, Tenants Union Member

“Without the Tenants Union I would be completely at sea. It would be so easy for Section 8 tenants to get tossed out on our ears without even knowing our rights. If it weren’t for the Tenants Union, I wouldn’t have even gone on the Section 8 program because it was too scary. Thank you for doing what you’re doing, and thank you for doing it for so many years. I appreciate the TU.”
– Joan Kurtz, Tenants Union Member

“As a fixed income Section 8 tenant who faced landlord retaliation this year and repeated illegal attempts to terminate my tenancy, my one constant lifeline and support through this ordeal was the Tenants Union. The TU’s repeated and personal outreach toward me and my co-tenants was invaluable in terms of maintaining moral [support], keeping our heads clear, reviewing our options at all points, and educating ourselves about the rights we possess and the best ways to assert them. My gratitude to the TU is beyond measure and I will remain a proud member as long as I draw breath. We in Washington have a tremendous resource in the TU.”
– Lee Lumsden, Tenants Union Member