Support the Tenants Union!

Donate Now Through Network for Good Washington State tenants have won important legal protections, but these rights don't go far enough. Members help build the movement to protect and expand tenants rights and make the promise of safe, healthy, affordable housing a reality.


Why Join the Tenants Union

Join the Tenants Union if:

  • You believe that every renter deserves safe, affordable housing free from discrimination, retaliation and eviction threats. Members are people who share the Tenants Union’s values and vision for housing justice and are willing to make an annual donation to support the work.
  • You got help through the Tenants Union’s Education Program or website. The TU is a small but extraordinarily powerful organization that provides Education Program services to over 1,400 Washington State renters a year. We’re able to offer these services for free across the state because of the financial support of tenants like you.
  • You have benefited from the Just Cause Eviction Ordinance or another law. Most of the tenant protections in Seattle and statewide exist because Tenants Union members, renters just like you, fought for them. The TU has a strong track record of victories for housing justice through empowerment-based education, outreach, leadership development, organizing, and legislative advocacy. Read about them at TU Victories and TU History.
  • You are a renter in Washington State and you want stronger rights and protections for tenants. You may have had problems getting repairs done, getting your deposits back or being given 20 days’ notice to vacate. If you have ever had a housing problem, you know that laws in Washington State are not strong enough to offer tenants the protections they both need and deserve. Every TU member builds the strength of the organization and continues this crucial work to win concrete improvements for renters.
  • You want to stay connected to and get involved in the movement for tenants’ rights. The TU’s regular newsletter, Tenant Solidarity, informs our membership about emerging issues for renters, organizing campaigns, and upcoming events. Members also have the opportunity to get more involved with work for housing justice. See Volunteer at the TU and Tenant Action for more information on how you can get involved with the TU.
  • You want to take a stand for social, racial and economic justice. Tenants Union members are people who believe in the power of grassroots organizing and are willing share what they have to help create a more just, equitable society.

Members also receive a Renter’s Kit full of comprehensive resources about your rights as a tenant and have access to a Member Callback Line.

Tenants Union Members:

  • Build power in numbers to impact policymakers
  • Grow the organization and our collective ability to do effective work
  • Secure the TU’s long-term stability
  • Strengthen TU’s influence with legislators
  • Shape the direction of the work based on the most emergent issues impacting Washington State renters

For a small organization, the Tenants Union does a tremendous amount with the resources we have. The TU is a powerhouse for renters’ rights, and members make this work possible.