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Template Letters

Landlord tenant laws in Washington are considered self-help. For example, government agencies will not help tenants get their deposit from their landlords. Tenants have to take it upon themselves to draft a deposit demand letter and sometimes even take their landlords to small claims court for the deposit recovery. Therefore, it is up to tenants to get educated on their rights and assert themselves when necessary. Below, the Tenants Union has compiled some sample letters that may help tenants fight for their rights.

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Adverse Action Notice Required

For use when a landlord fails to specify in writing the reason for tenants’ application denial


Bedbug Template Letter

For use when a tenant is being charged for bedbug treatment when they did not cause the infestation

Repair Request

For use when tenant wants to request a repair

Breaking Lease due to Unmade Repairs

For use when tenants wish to break their lease due to unmade repairs and have gone through the repair process.


Deposit Return Letter

For use when a landlord violates the move in check list rule or the 21 day rule.

Deposit Return Dispute Letter
Holding Deposit Return

For use when a landlord keeps the deposit without giving a written statement detailing how the deposit would be nonrefundable


Invasion of Privacy

For use when a landlord enters the dwelling unit without giving proper notice


Response to 10 Day Notice

For use in response to receiving a 10 day notice without warrant


Breaking a Lease

For use when a tenant wishes to break their fixed term lease

20 day notice to Terminate Tenancy

For use when a tenant wishes to terminate a month to month agreement

Just Cause Termination Template

For use when a tenant received a 20 day notice without just cause (Seattle only)

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Requesting a reasonable accommodation (template letters in the back)