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News » Take Action » 17 Apr 20

COVID-19: Info on the Eviction Moratorium, and the call to #CancelRent

UPDATED 6/3/2020: The Governor has placed a moratorium on most evictions that currently extends through August 1st.

The governor has extended the moratorium until August 1st and has included all evictions, except for those done to preserve the safety of other tenants or prevent property destruction. He also banned rent increases and late fees for the duration of the moratorium! Read the announcement here and the proclamation here.

For more information on your rights as a tenant under the Governor's eviction moratorium, please see this information from the Northwest Justice Project: You cannot be evicted if you cannot pay the rent.

Additionally, if you are in some specific types of housing programs, read about the Federal moratorium on evictions in some specific housing programs that extends for the next 180 days (6 months).

If your landlord violates this eviction moratorium, file a complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of Washington State.

If you live within the City of Seattle the Department of Construction and Inspection is enforcing the cite's Eviction Moratorium and you can contact SDCI at 206-684-5700 to lodge a complaint.

Are you looking for a sample letter that you can use to send to your landlord? Click here for more examples of sample letters to send to your landlord, drafted by the Northwest Justice Project.

What's Next?

Join with us to support the calls for a Rent Moratorium alongside our friends at the organization Got Green.

Our national partners at Right to the City are also building a nationwide campaign to #Cancel Rent and #Cancel Mortgages:

Talk to your neighbors, see if you can organize your block, neighborhood, and city to fight together for housing as a human right, and housing as healthcare during this pandemic. Our strength is truly in our relationships and by fighting to care for and defend one another, we can make the truly lasting change we need. There are lots of incredible tenant organizing resource packets popping up from tenant unions, as well as lots of mutual aid groups forming all across the country. Feel free to contact us for more support in organizing your building!

And as always please check out our facebook page for more updates and resources - more to come soon!!

(Photo credit below: Dorchester Not For Sale "Housing = Healthcare")

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