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News » Take Action » 13 Jan 20

Tenants Union’s legislative endorsements to know and support in 2020

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Just Cause - HB 2453/SB 6379

  • #JustCauseCantWait! After the victories in Burien and Federal Way, Just Cause protections are gathering momentum statewide. This bill would only allow landlords to terminate tenancies or not renew leases for the clearly defined reasons in the bill. They would be able to terminate tenancy for nonpayment of rent, violating the lease, if they were demolishing or remodeling, and a few other reasons. This would provide much needed security for tenants to ask for repairs and enforce their rights without having to worry about retaliation in the form of losing their home.

Rent Control - HB 2779

Restrictions on Post Tenancy Debt - HB 2520

  • This piece of legislation would require landlords to provide receipts or invoices for large deductions from security deposits. It also establishes how long various appliances and floorings are expected to last and only allows landlords to charge tenants for damage proportional to the remaining time of this life expectancy.

Installment Payments for Move in Fees - HB 1694

  • This bill would allow tenants to pay move in charges (deposits and last month’s rent) in a series of installment payments. The number of installments has to do with the length of the lease term and ranges from two equal payments to six equal payments.

Improve Access to Rental Housing for People with Criminal Records

  • Access to safe and stable housing is a major barrier facing people reentering society in Washington. The Washington Reentry Council is supporting legislation that would create a framework to address arbitrary and harmful rental housing discrimination against people with criminal records. There is currently no state law guidance for landlords or applicants regarding renting to people with prior arrests or convictions.

So what can you do about it?

Share your story!

  • Fill out our renter advocacy form to keep in touch with us about opportunities to travel to Olympia to share your testimony in person.

Call your state legislators!

Join us for Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day, February 3rd!

Talk to other tenants!

  • Strength in numbers is our best way to make these changes happen. We as tenants need to be informed about what options are out there so we can push to make them happen.
  • Form a Tenants Association in your building: the TU can help
  • When talking with other renters be sure to mention all of these exciting opportunities we have to expand our rights
  • When we dream together and fight we can make the positive changes we need!

When we fight, we win!