Anthony E. Fields Jr. is originally from Birmingham, AL. He got transferred to Washington State 15 years ago with the plasma Center to obtain an Washington State Phlebotomist & Medical Assistance license and took a course at Pima College in Renton, Washington. He is interest is in finding a way for mankind to love and respect one other. Shelter/ housing is a basic human right. Anthony says, “I have no family here in Washington State, it was times when I live in my car. I never call home to worry my family.I always work. 2 kids from a previous marriage who are 18& 21 years old now. It was times when my car was my home. No one should have to live that way unless they choice to. I discovered TU during the Pandemic.” After being furloughed during the pandemic, Anthony’s landlord took him to court for back rent. The courts rule in his favor. Anthony is back working in the medical field and things are going great. I still have that passion for the individuals that the court doesn't favor their decision.

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