Maddie grew up in the Puget Sound and has always had a deep care for housing and food insecurity. In her undergraduate degree she studied Business Administration with a minor in Nonprofit Management. Through her nonprofit management minor she has formal education in board governance, nonprofit financials and compliance, nonprofit management, and fundraising and grant writing. With this she volunteered and worked with populations experiencing homelessness.

After her undergraduate program Maddie moved to Ireland where she worked for the National Adult Learning Organization and in addition canvassed with the Together for Yes campaign working to bring access to abortions in Ireland. This constitutional amendment was approved in 2018.

Upon returning to Tacoma, she worked on a Masters in Community and Urban Planning. This is where she became familiar with the Tenants Union conducting a project on the history of tenant law in the state and interviewing local organizers. With the gains made at the state level there is still more to be done to ensuring housing and access to safe, equitable, and affordable housing, a deep commitment of hers. Her skills and education in not only nonprofit governance and management, but in urban planning and work in affordable housing for the Tacoma Housing Authority will be of service to furthering housing access and tenants rights in Washington.

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