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Resolution on Immigrant Rights

Resolution to Strengthen and Protect the Human Rights of Immigrants to the United States

WHEREAS, the Tenants Union of Washington State draws inspiration from Article One of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

“All humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

WHEREAS, there is currently a growing movement to pass anti-immigrant initiatives and legislation around the country.

WHEREAS, these legislative proposals and initiatives both reflect and generate anti-immigrant prejudices and discrimination.

WHEREAS, the Tenants Union of Washington State recognizes the history of racial and ethnic discrimination through legislation to limit the opportunities and rights and racial and ethnic groups and immigrants and to divide oppressed peoples.


The Board of Directors of the Tenants Union of Washington State resolves to work with our membership, other organizations, governmental entities and the general public to protect the human rights of immigrants to the United States.

The Tenants Union of Washington State values equality and believes that any person in this country, regardless of immigration status, should have access to healthy, safe, dignified, and affordable housing and vital social services.

We oppose any initiatives or legislative proposals, local or national, that isolate people, divide families across borders, relegate people to substandard housing, or make it harder for people to defend and protect our human and civil rights.

The Tenants Union of Washington State affirms our belief that no human being is illegal.

Passed March 16, 2006