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Tenant Power Assembly 2023

Join us for our Tenant Power Assembly!

Join us in September for our Washington Tenant Power Assembly, where tenants and community leaders across Washington will gather to gain and share organizing skills, and strengthen the fight for Rent Control. This event will be a three-day event by and for BIPOC tenants; tenants will lead and attend workshops on tenants rights, how to form tenant associations, and create legislative policy change. Attendees will learn about eviction prevention, landlord negotiations, tenant meeting facilitation, issue mapping, and building code enforcement. Together, we will build community, gain skills, learn from each other’s lessons, present our current work, celebrate our successes, and build a more organized renter community that is ready to drive building and policy changes forward. We can win Rent Control in Washington State!

The Washington Tenant Power Assembly will be September 28th - October 1st, 2023. We will be gathering in Olympia, at The Hilton Garden Inn.