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The Tenants Union Education Program empowers tenants with the knowledge and skills needed to keep themselves and their families safely housed. Tenants in Washington have no governmental agency to rely on to enforce their rights. Landlord-tenant laws in Washington State are considered “self help” — it is up to individual tenants to get their rights enforced. The TU provides empowerment-based education and assistance to help tenants learn their rights and take action to resolve housing problems.

The Tenants Rights Hotline is now only one part of a program that also includes individualized tenant counseling, a comprehensive website, tenant education workshops, and services in multiple languages to serve a diverse community. Trained Tenant Counselors provide information on their rights and help tenants take the action necessary to resolve their housing crisis safely. Tenants Union staff are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice.

The Tenants Union Tenant Education Program:

  • Serves over 3,750 tenants with questions about their rights per year
  • Receives 500,000 unique visitors on our website

What to expect from the Tenants Union’s Education Program

Tenant counselors can:

  • Give you information on landlord-tenant laws in Washington State and how to use them
  • Refer you to community resources and legal assistance
  • Tell you how to protect yourself by documenting your communication with your landlord
  • Give you the tools and information you need to solve housing problems

Tenant counselors cannot:

  • Give any legal advice or tell you what you should do in a particular situation
  • Write letters for you or communicate with your landlord on your behalf
  • Provide ongoing services after hotline hours are closed
  • Know or anticipate what your landlord might do
  • Guarantee any particular outcome to your situation