GiveBIG to the Tenants Union Today!

The Tenants Union has won and is active in many legislative campaigns for tenants rights, housing justice, and safe healthy housing for all. See Tenant Action for more information on how to get involved in TU campaigns.

To learn more about legislative advocacy at the state and national level, click on the links below:

Our lawmakers’ decisions impact tenants. At the city, state, and national level, our elected officials write laws, pass ordinances and codes, and create or dismantle programs. Many lawmakers don’t know what we as tenants experience and how their decisions will impact the health and wellbeing of our families and communities. It is up to us to show up and speak out for our rights.

To find out about how you can get involved with legislative advocacy for tenants rights with the Tenants Union here, see Tenant Action.

Ready to speak out? Here are some resources from the National Low Income Housing Coalition for writing, calling, and visiting law makers.