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November 2, 2017

ACTION ALERT: Stop Charmaine's Eviction TODAY

ACTION ALERT: Stop Charmaine’s Eviction TODAY!

Charmaine and her two children are being evicted from their Vancouver home because her landlords wouldn’t accept non-profit rent assistance. No family should lose their home because of source of income discrimination. Take action today and tell the Ono Family and Dove Property Management they should make the right choice!

1. Call Landlords Kenneth and Tomoko Ono at 360.256.6305 and Tracy Judah at Dove Property Management at 360.448.2851
Sample script “Hi I’m calling to urge you to drop the eviction against Charmaine and make sure she isn’t charged for the attorney fees you chose to spend when you didn’t have to. Please promise to cooperate with non-profits offering rent assistance for any future tenants who need it – don’t put people out on the street when help is not only available but promised to you. Be a better business, do the moral thing, drop this case, and make sure Charmaine and her family are safe.

2. Post to Facebook
Sample post: “I read the article in The Columbian and cannot believe you’re evicting a single mother who had rent assistance guaranteed. We need businesses like you to be examples for the community by doing what’s right, and evicting this family is WRONG. Drop the eviction case against Charmaine and make sure she isn’t charged for legal fees that never should have been spent in the first place. And please make a public promise that you will accept rent assistance from future families who need it instead of trying to kick them out of their homes when they’re already experiencing other troubles.

3. Come to court Friday November 3rd at 10:30am in Vancouver, WA – email [email protected] for details