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November 4, 2021

Eviction Protections and Resources

Sadly, the state bridge eviction protections expired yesterday. Unless the city of Spokane extends these protections as many cities throughout the state have done this means that tenants will now be receiving the new 14 day pay or vacate notices and will begin to be evicted in the middle of December. TENANTS SHOULD NOT MOVE AND SHOULD NOT IGNORE THESE NOTICES. New laws provide time, help and allows tenants to remain housed throughout the eviction process but the laws do not work if notices go ignored.

Tenants who receive notices that will lead to an eviction should call the Tenant Screening Line at 855-657-8387. This will get them in line and in place for the right to counsel.

Please inform tenants that they must go to court when they are served a summons for the eviction. This may be their only opportunity to obtain an attorney if they did not engage in mediation or agree to a repayment plan.

Here are excellent resources that explain the new process that requires landlords and tenants to mediate, applies rental assistance and a reasonable repayment plan to minimize displacement.

Please tell tenants to call the Spokane office of the Tenants Union of Washington State at 509-464-7620. While we currently remain closed and are only providing remote tenant education clinics, look forward to our re-opening and pop-up tenant workshops soon. Thank you.

Eviction Resolution Program: