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March 19, 2007

Help Celebrate the TU’s 30th birthday!

For 30 years the Tenants Union has lived out the mission established by our founders to fight for housing justice through education, organizing and advocacy. Members and supporters have put themselves on the line for justice; organizing against discrimination, fighting for civil rights, risking a roof overhead to win better housing conditions, rallying in the streets, testifying to law makers, and even getting arrested at a sit-in in the Mayor’s office.

Every person who has given their time, money, skills and talent as members, supporters, staff and Board members over the past 30 years has been a part of the TU’s important work and you should be proud of what you have helped make possible.

Help honor the legacy and future of the Tenants Union through 30th Birthday events and activities.

Share your story

Did the TU help you stand up for yourself against an unscrupulous landlord? Did you speak out for housing justice? Did you get involved in a campaign for justice? What inspired you to become a member? What do you love about the TU?

Help create a living archive of the Tenants Union past and current work by sharing your experience with the TU. Click here to fill out our story form.

Give a gift

There is no better time to honor the work of the TU by becoming a member, renewing your membership or making a donation.

Grassroots support from people like you who share the vision and values of the TU are what keeps the organization going strong. Keep the TU in the struggle for justice for another 30 years. Click here to donate

Research! Find our History!

We need your volunteer help to put together a timeline of the TU’s work.

  • Dig through fascinating (no really – a lot of it is fascinating) boxes of old files on TU organizing campaigns at the TU office.
  • Research TU history online through newspaper archives and at the library. There are hundreds of media stories about the TU’s work over the years. By pulling together these stories, from the mainstream papers and neighborhood, ethnic and independent media, we can fill build a more comprehensive story of the TU’s work.
  • Organize what we find, including scanning and filing important documents.

If you can give a few hours of your time to volunteer please e-mail TU Director Siobhan Ring at [email protected] and put “history” in the subject line

History Gatherings

Join with past TU staff, board, founding members and organizing leaders to recollect the TU’s victories and struggles, and put our work in a historical context. We’ll kick start your memories with old pictures, news stories and flyers.

Results of these gatherings and our other research will be recorded in writing, video and audio and compiled into a multimedia exhibit for our Celebration and Fundraiser in October.

History Gatherings will take place at various times between April and June. If you want more info about these gatherings, would like to come, or know someone we should invite, please contact Executive Director Siobhan Ring at [email protected] or call 206-722-6848 × 108.

30th Birthday Celebration and Fundraiser – Fall 2007

We’ll unveil the results of the history project and gather together with music, food and fun to reflect on the past and look ahead, as well as fuel the struggle with financial contributions at an inspiring fundraising event in October 2007. Stay tuned for details.