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October 28, 2015

UPDATE: Increased Funding for Tenant Education!

Updated 11/10/2015
Updated 12/22/2015

Thanks to your efforts, the Tenants Union Tenant Education Program budget has been doubled! This means we can increase the number of folks answering the phones each shift, hire more counselors, and work towards truly meeting your needs as renters and allies in the housing justice movement. Thanks again!

The City of Seattle stands at a crossroads in the housing movement. This next year will tell whether the City of Seattle truly fights to bring affordability back, or whether the status quo will reign once again. Though the Mayor’s HALA recommendations called for increases in funding for tenant education, we’ll need to convince the Seattle City Council that this funding is necessary.

Increases in funding for tenant education would bring more counselors and more time to both ours and Solid Ground’s tenant education hotlines. Each year, over 5,000 renters receive timely and in-depth information about their housing situations and rights. With increased funding, we could serve more tenants, stop missing so many calls, and work to meet the ever-increasing need for tenant rights education.

How can you help? Message, call, or mail your City Councilmember to let them know how you’ve benefitted from a call to the Tenants Union or Solid Ground’s tenant rights services. Or, if you’re angry that you’ve called and called and never been able to make it through, tell your Councilmembers! You can also tell us your story by calling the number below or leaving us a message on Facebook or at info (at) tenantsunion (dot) org.

1) Email Seattle City Councilmembers NOW! Please copy and paste the following email and send it to: [email protected]

Dear Seattle City Councilmembers,

I am writing in support of budget action 141-1-a-1 to increase funding for tenant education and organizing. As skyrocketing rents force thousands of tenants out of their apartment buildings, now more than ever, tenants need organizations that can inform them of their rights and help them get access to much needed services.

Ordinary working people are faced with an extreme affordable housing crisis and we appreciate Councilmembers who are advocating for bold solutions. Tenants have a crucial role to play.

Support budget action 141-1-a-1 to help fund tenant education and organizing.


2) Call Seattle City Councilmembers NOW! Tell them to support budget action 141-1-a-1 to fund tenant education and organizing. Here’s how to contact them:

SALLY BAGSHAW- 206-684-8801; TIM BURGESS – 206-684-8806; JEAN GODDEN – 206-684-8807; BRUCE HARRELL – 206-684-8804;

JOHN OKAMOTO – 206-684-8802; TOM RASMUSSEN – 206-684-8808

3) Come to Seattle City Hall on Monday, November 16 at 10:00 AM.

Councilmembers will vote on which changes they want to make to the budget. We need to pack Council Chambers so city officials know they should support budget action 141-1-a-1 to fund tenant education and organizing!

To get involved in the journey for a truly equitable City budget, please call our Membership & Development Coordinator at (206) 722-6848 ×102.