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November 26, 2014

King County Council Reinstates Tenants Rights Funding!

During a very difficult budget year, the King County Council voted to reinstate funding for crucial tenants rights education which goes to empower thousands of residents across the county! Send the Council a brief note to thank them, and thanks to everyone who called on them to support tenants!

TU members surrounded the podium at two public budget hearings, and many other tenant leaders met one on one with their Council Members to encourage them not to turn their backs on tenants in need. The Council acted in the affirmative and committed funding through the entire 2-year budget cycle. This is an unprecedented victory for tenants, and a sign that the Council is hearing tenants loud and clear that more most be done to empower tenants.

Landlord-tenant laws are self-enforced, and tenants can only assert their rights if they are educated on what those rights are in the first place. The Tenants Union serves over 3,000 low income tenants across the County, providing our services in multilingual translation to serve an increasingly diverse community. If you need assistance in learning your rights, check out our services.

Please take a moment to send the Council a quick thank you!!

Send emails to: [email protected]

RE: Thank You for Funding Tenants Rights!

Dear King County Council Members,

Thank you very much for reinstating funding for tenants’ rights education; this is a critical resource for low income renters. It is greatly appreciated that funding was allocated for the full 2-year budget cycle, which clearly demonstrates the Council takes seriously the housing crisis that renters across the county face.

Your leadership is greatly appreciated in this difficult budget year. As you know, King County has suffered for a long time from a structural gap in its budget, and health and human services are greatly strained. We also encourage you to pursue other options to raise revenue to address this gap, so we can greater meet the needs of our community. Reinstating funding for tenants rights education was one step in the right direction.

Thank you

[Your Name]

2014 KC Budget hearing