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News » Take Action » 29 May 19

Petition for Chateau Apartments residents

Please join the many tenants from Chateau Apartments to demand an end to the economic eviction of working people, communities of color, seniors, disabled community members, LGBTQ people, and students from Seattle’s Central District to satisfy the mega-profits of big developers.

The tenants of the Chateau Apartments, at 19th and Fir, are being displaced by Cadence Real Estate. Cadence, a $185-million for-profit development corporation and owner of Chateau, has announced plans to demolish the building, displacing all of the working-class tenants.

The tenants are organizing and fighting back! Please sign this petition to support the Chateau tenants, and indeed all tenants facing eviction and displacement.

“This our city. It’s our neighborhood. And we will fight for the right to live here.”

–Chateau Tenant Rossell Johnson

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