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February 22, 2012

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Tenants Union Launches New Comprehensive Online Resource

New website is an encyclopedic resource for Washington State renters

The website answers over 100 common questions in over 20 topic areas from repairs, deposits and evictions to low income housing rights and housing protections for survivors of domestic violence. The site also includes a detailed history of the Tenants Union and information on current TU programs. is also a powerful political tool that provides tenants with the latest news impacting tenants and opportunities to take action and get involved with the TU’s organizing for housing justice. Tenants can become members online through the site, and follow the Tenants Union on Facebook.

To support the work of the Tenants Union, see TU Membership or make a donation online at Network for Good.

Much of the material was developed in collaboration with Solid Ground Tenant Services, and was reviewed by experienced Legal Action Center attorneys. The Tenants Union’s website is general information for renters and is not to be considered legal advice. The site was developed by Gridwork Design.

Executive Director Jonathan Grant said, “The Tenants Union is thrilled to offer this all-inclusive resource to Washington State renters. Knowing your rights as a tenant is the first step to resolving problems that threaten housing stability. This new website not only makes the TU’s educational services more accessible to tenants statewide, it also connects renters to organizing campaigns and builds power for tenant leadership.”

After 35 years of service, the Tenants Union Education Program is the first place most tenants turn to when their housing is in jeopardy. The TU has a long-standing reputation as a source for accurate, compassionate, accessible and concretely useful information to empower tenants with the knowledge and skills needed to keep themselves and their families safely housed. The Tenants Union has assisted tens of thousands of low-income tenants in solving housing problems and has also organized successful campaigns to preserve and expand affordable housing, protect tenants’ rights, and create the Northwest’s first tenant-controlled low-income housing.