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News » Housing News » 26 Apr 16

The Eviction Economy

Throughout Washington State, evictions occur every day. Whether due to rent increases, job loss, or misconduct, dozens of families find themselves without a home on a weekly basis. Little attention has been brought to this issue. In 2008 and until today, most of the focus in housing loss has centered around foreclosures, homelessness, and gentrification. Matthew Desmond’s new book, Evicted, attempts to quantify not only the number of people evicted in Milwaukee but reveals the thoughts and fears of those evicted.

Now, thanks to Matthew Desmond, efforts are kicking up in Washington State to study evictions and how they impact families throughout Washington State. Read the articles below to gain an understanding of the Eviction Economy, evictions in the US and Washington State, and what local groups are doing to reverse this growing trend.

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