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Donate Now Through Network for Good Washington State tenants have won important legal protections, but these rights don't go far enough. Members help build the movement to protect and expand tenants rights and make the promise of safe, healthy, affordable housing a reality.

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Tenant Solidarity Newsletter

News and information from the Tenants Union of Washington. Read to learn what’s new at the TU and how to get involved!

  • March 2017 Inside this issue: The Tenants Union welcomes our new Executive Director Jessa Lewis, our 40th anniversary, news from Spokane, and updates on our work from around the state!
  • June 2016 Inside the 2nd Quarter issue: Living wage in Washington, a statement from a homeless veteran, news from Spokane, and articles from TU organizers!
  • January 2016 Inside the end-of-year issue: An OP-ED and articles from TU organizers, an update about a tenant's battle with a notorious local slumlord, and meet our new staff!
  • August 2015 Check out the latest newsletter! In this issue, check out commentary from tenant activist Richard Conoboy, Real Change Organizer Afam Ayika, new staff bios, a message from the Interim Director, upcoming events, news, and a call for submissions.
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